Project Description

3300 Miles and two weeks living out of the rigs made for an epic Overland Expo West Journey for us. We swear we aren’t homeless! Just travelers ;) A trip we will forever remember, It took us through an abundance of terrains. From large amounts of snow on the ground at the Grand Canyon and snow/monsoon in Arizona to hot weather and open range in Nevada and Utah. This trip was a good combination of hardcore planning (especially through Nevada with vast streches of road that had no gas) and utter and complete winging it. This allowed us to have the needed things taken care of, and the fun stuff was left to explore. At one point (1300 miles from home), we split up for 40 minutes to each explore a “Y” intersection and find camp. The Show itself is a massive accumulation of everything “Overland” and even some stuff that isn’t. It’s a great way to meet people, find new products and gather new ideas. The drive home was a big push to get back but largely spent on HWY 101 and 1 in California. Stunning blue Ocean water lay below us and we took winding roads home. The trip stretched over 6 states, and if there’s one tip we can give you, it’s that gyms are great places to shower on the road if there are no other options.