Who Is Team Discover?

Discover Nw Expeditions is a group of friends and family who value the path as much as our destination. With a team of three, we venture out on day trips, weekend trips, and multi-week expeditions. Our purpose is to teach and inspire as we take trips that anyone with a passion for adventure can take.

Founded in 2016, our roots are built around Subaru. Owning a Subaru invites you to one of the largest car communities that is inclusive across all models. We run our trips with two Subaru Foresters, and a Toyota 4 Runner. We believe that it is not about the vehicle you have, but the passion that drives you to get out and explore.

Follow along our adventures as we find new places, test gear that is on the market, and travel around the Pacific Northwest.

Looking for some adventure inspiration?

Here are some of our favorite destinations and some ideas to kickstart your next expedition!

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